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Melissa Allen Mood EssentialsTM
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Melissa Allen Mood EssentialsTM are a range of quality unisex fragrances designed with purpose, used throughout the day to help you feel the best version of yourself. Each bottle of essential oil is filled with delightful aromas that not only smells beautiful but gives a mood boost that helps you reconnect with your true self in moments when you really need it, including to help reduce anxiety and tension, helping to improve mood, and boosting self-confidence. All products are infused with 100% Natural Essential Oils, Not Tested on Animals and made in Australia. FAL Lawyers has enjoyed assisting Melissa Allen Mood EssentialsTM in protecting their valuable brands. Please visit Melissa’s website to find out more: melissaallenmoodessentials.com
Sharni Layton Sports Academy
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With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we think it’s great that new businesses are continuing to be created, particularly those in the field of sports and fitness. FAL Lawyers recently assisted former Australian netball player and current Collingwood AFL Women’s Footballer, Sharni Layton, to establish the Sharni Layton Sports Academy. We partnered with Sharni to prepare contractor agreements and terms and conditions for student-athletes. We also filed trade mark applications for the Sports Academy. The Sharni Layton Sports Academy will offer a high-performance program for youth who complete in netball and football. The Sports Academy will provide student-athletes with quality coaching, training and mentoring by passionate and professional coaches, dietitians, psychologists and physios. The programs will provide student-athletes with the necessary support to maximise their sporting potential and personal development. The Sharni Layton Academy will be launching early 2021.
Eloments Organic Vitamin Tea
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Co-founded by Julie Hirsch and Nicole Lamond, Eloments Organic Vitamin Tea is one of the world’s first natural vitamin and mineral enriched tea brands, designed to provide consumers an easy and enjoyable way to take their daily vitamins. Following years of research and development, working with Australian nutritionists and independent laboratories, Eloments created a patent-pending water-processing method to enable plant extracts packed with essential natural vitamins and minerals to be combined and processed with tea into tea bags, a world-first innovation.

FAL Lawyers is proud to have assisted Julie and Nicole in providing Eloments with patent and trade mark protection over its products, which will not only assist Eloments in preventing copying of its new products by third parties, but has also provided valuable assets for consideration by investors during capital raising efforts.

Medical Developments International Limited
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Filed and prosecuted a series of Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Patent applications on behalf of Medical Developments International Limited, an Australian listed company known for commercializing the Penthrox® volatile anaesthetic. The PCT applications related to various medical inhaler devices and are under active prosecution following national phase entry in Australia, Europe, Japan, China and the United States. Patent grants have recently been successfully obtained in Australia and United States.
Hearing CRC
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Provided patent and trade mark prosecution and portfolio management services on behalf of the Hearing CRC, a government-funded cooperative research centre involving universities and private research entities in the hearing sector. The patent portfolio included over 70 patent applications and granted patents filed across Australia, the United States, Europe, China, Japan, Korea and India.
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
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Prosecuted a series of PCT and national phase entry applications on behalf of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. The relevant technology relates to a device for nebulizing liquids, with various applications including in medical treatment. National phase entry was achieved in various territories across the globe, which remain under active prosecution.

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