Food and Farming

There are challenges in water shortages, soil quality, climate changes and the like. Meaning, for a long time in the future, innovations in food and farming practices will be vital. Similarly, new and innovative consumer food products and packaging will always be wanted by the world.

Our team acts for research organisations, charities and start ups alike in innovating to develop the world’s next solutions to food shortage issues, and provide new and interesting products to the food and farming market.

Examples of food and farming products we work with include:

Of course, obtaining IP protection for your business and innovations is not limited to registration of patents and designs. FAL IP is well placed to assist the developers and suppliers of agricultural products to protect their branding and reputation.

Branding is an important part of any business. FAL IP can assist in protecting any aspect of branding including brand-names and logos.

FAL IP also operates in conjunction with FAL Lawyers, a law firm specializing in technology commercialization law with a proud history advising on the commercialization of food and farming innovations.

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