As resources become more limited, rising material costs and energy-efficiency obligations mean innovation in building and construction is more important than ever.

Our team understands that the ability to gain a competitive edge through use of improved and more efficient technologies is important. It can mean the difference between winning and losing in the race toward successful construction tender outcomes. Similarly, the exclusive rights to market, sell and use more efficient technologies can provide the foothold needed to establish your products business in the competitive construction industry.

FAL IP has assisted universities, government-funded research bodies and listed entities alike in obtaining IP protection. This is across a range of construction technologies including in respect of concrete formulations, systems for assembling retaining walls and void formers for pre-fabricated building products.

FAL IP can assist in obtaining patent and design protection of innovations in:

Obtaining IP protection for your business is not limited to registration of patents and designs. Our team is well placed to assist construction and manufacturing companies to protect their hard-earned reputations. Branding is an important part of any business. FAL IP can assist in protecting any aspect of branding include brand-names and logos.

FAL IP also operates in conjunction with FAL Lawyers, a law firm specializing in technology commercialization, and available to assist construction law.

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