Medical Devices

FAL IP understands that medical devices by their nature require time and effort to bring to market. They also involve inherent risks in respect of obtaining device approval. An IP protection strategy is essential to attracting initial investment and funding. Secondly, finding partners for collaboration. And lastly, maximizing value on new ideas.

Our team has assisted government-funded research bodies and listed entities alike in obtaining IP protection in various fields. These include hearing aids and related hearing technologies, mobility devices, asthma diagnosis technologies, and medication dispensing systems.

More generally, FAL IP has the team to in obtaining patent and design protection for innovations in:

Of course, obtaining IP protection for your business and innovations is not limited to registration of patents and designs. FAL IP is well placed to assist the developers and suppliers of medical devices to protect their branding and reputation.

Branding is an important part of any business. FAL IP can assist in protecting any aspect of branding include brand-names and logos.

FAL IP also operates in conjunction with FAL Lawyers, a law firm specialising in technology commercialization law with an established history assisting to commercialise medical and bio-medical technology companies.

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