At FAL IP, we understand that patent attorney services involve more than just applying for and registering patents. We pride ourselves on enabling our clients to realise the full value of their intellectual effort, their assets, and their business. So we ensure that the patent protection is consistent with clients’ strategic commercial objectives.

Our team holds qualifications in engineering. In other words, we can assist our clients in diverse areas of technologies. These include medical devices, construction systems, mechanical and household products and food technologies. And additionally, energy storage and management systems.

We work in the best interests of the client. We draw upon strong relationships with the Patent Office team to advance prosecution. A member of our team previously worked with the Australian Patent Office for over a decade, including as a Patent Hearings Officer. Subsequently in its established global network of trusted patent associates covering south-east Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Therefore, we have an insider understanding of the patent processes.

Our patent services include

  • patentability opinion work – including performing searches to establish the likelihood of successfully obtaining a patent for a new invention
  • drafting, filing and prosecuting patents in Australia, New Zealand and overseas – using an established network of international associates
  • patent oppositions – insider’s understanding of patent opposition processes
  • patent enforcement – drafting cease and desist letters, mediation, and negotiating licence agreements. Subsequently, initiating court proceedings where appropriate
  • strategic patent and IP analysis – ensuring our clients’ patent and IP protection strategy match their commercial goals and means
  • portfolio management services, including:
    • budgeting and renewals management;
    • preparing IP reports such as board reports and ASX announcements; and
    • portfolio audits.
      FAL IP is backed by FAL Lawyers, an Australian law firm internationally recognised as at the forefront of technology commercialisation.

FAL Lawyers negotiate licensing and commercialisation deals in industry sectors, from biotechnology and agribusiness to mining and defence.
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